Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boho Fabric Bracelet Sets ~ Gift Guide 1

 Bohemian fabric jewelry collection.

Turquoise Boho Bangle Bracelets Set of 3 Valentine Hearts Bohemian

Rainbow bright boho bracelet set of 3.
Made of cotton fabric, formed, and stitched together to get the shape of a bangle bracelet. Then I hand sew a variety of glass and gold tone beads.
This set of 3 bracelets is made with colorful cotton prints that I formed and stitched to make the bracelets. Each bracelet is beaded and has 3 dangles, the orange one has mother of pearl star dangles, the turquoise one has mother of pearl moon dangles and the hot pink one has matching polymer clay heart dangles that I made. Stack them and wear them together or wear one or two at a time.


Black White Bangle Bracelets Fabric Beaded Set of 3

This set of 4 bracelets is my skinny boho bangle bracelets.  Stack them all together and wear them stacked, or wear one or two to match what your wearing.
This set has sold. If you would like a similar set I can make a custom set of my skinny boho bracelets with your own color choices.
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