Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boho Fabric Bracelets, Singles~ Gift Guide 2

Here are my boho fabric bracelets.

Love Boho Fabric Bracelet Embroidered Heart Dangle Pink Yellow


Smile Boho Fabric Bangle Bracelet Pink Green Bohemian Cotton


Star Boho Fabric Bangle Bracelet Pink Yellow Mother of Pearl Star


Boho Fabric Bracelet Heart Hugs Kisses Green Orange


Fun Bangle Bracelet Green Batik Boho Fabric Jewelry Bohemian


Bracelet Brave Boho Fabric Bangle Textile Jewelry Colorful Blue Yellow


Cotton Bohemian Bangle Bracelet Yellow Colorful Embroidered Tassle

Here are my skinny bangle bracelet singles. Each bracelet is made with cotton batik fabric, I form it and hand stitch it to form a bangle bracelet. I have hand stitched a variety of beads to each bracelet.

This is my bohemian ruffle bracelet, This bracelet is made with a pink and off white cotton print, some pink velvet trim and some colorful beads.
This bracelet is twisted with some pink velvet trim and I added some dusty rose colored and white glass pearls wrapping around the bracelet.
This fabric bracelet has white and dusty rose glass pearls surrounding the cotton fabric.
This is my hope ribbon bangle bracelet. I made this with a piece of pink velvet trim, lined it and formed it into the shape of a hope ribbon.
Boho ruffle bracelet. This bracelet has a blue and off white cotton fabric that I ruffled and attached to a piece of blue velvet ribbon and I added 4 blue with ab finish teardrop beads around the bracelet.
This fabric bracelet is made using cotton fabric some blue velvet trim woven through it and has a beaded paisley design on the front.
Blue moons fabric bangle bracelet. made with cotton fabric stitched together to form a bracelet and has four beaded moon dangles.
This is my blue hope bangle bracelet. This bracelet is made with a piece of velvet trim and lined with cotton fabric.

Thank you for stopping by, come back soon to see more handmade gift ideas.

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