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Ghastlie Collection of Purses, Tote Bags and Clutch Purses ~ Gift Guide 5 Holiday 2013

Ghastlie Collection
Purses and Tote Bags
 The front of this bag has a scene of some characters on their way to a family event. A mom and her daughter possibly, maybe sisters, the side way glances, the little girl dragging her doll, the scraggly cat with its back arched and a full moon peeking out under the black lace at the top of the bag. A couple of witches up in the corner, a limousine driving up the hill and some bats flying around the moon.
The front of this has a scene of characters at a family event. This bag I call Batty Sisters. The upper right corner has a butler serving a drink, the upper left corner has the tail end of a limousine with a couple in the back seat and you'll see a chandelier on the side.
I call this bag "if looks could kill", if you look on the right side and the left side you will see the two women giving each other dirty looks. In the background you will see some witches watching whats going on with the two women.
This ghastlie clutch purse has 3 little trick or treaters and a cat on the front of it
This large tote bag is made with stone washed denim with cotton appliques on the front. The appliques are of a pregnant mom pushing a baby in a stroller, a couple of women, and a chandelier that I have hand beaded.
On the front of this bag I appliqued cotton panels then on some of the pieces I did some hand beading. The centerpiece is the (who I call sisters) sisters. I beaded the younger girl's dress with pink and white beads and pink beads for the flower in her hair. The older sister I beaded herskirt and top with black and silver beads and pink beads for the flower in her hair, I added a few dangling beads from the bottom of her purse. The upper right you will see the moon, I beaded it with white beads. The butler is holding a glass of champagne, I beaded the contents in the glass with pink beads and some clear with a green sheen beads are the bubbles above the glass of champagne. The cat on the other side of the sisters also has a glass of champagne that I beaded the same as the other glass.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection of Ghastlie bags, all of these bags are for sale in my shop Kathisewnsew's Boutique
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