Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Pictures of unfinished purses that I have had sitting packed away. I pulled out about half a dozen bags that I never finished because I had a block on how I wanted to finish them. Here are the before I finished and the finished purse or tote bag.
stonewashed denim tote bag lined and accented on the outside with a marbled navy blue covered with red and tan ladybugs. 

I didn't get a before picture of this bag but it sat unfinished for about a year. I really like this bag with the beaded detail.
I made this little purse from a pair of jeans that I repurposed. I lined and accented this purse with a green print cotton fabric

This purse sat unfinished for a shorter period, I embroidered it earlier in the year and had the pieces all cut out. This one I got stalled because I didn't have a thread that matched. I think it came out really nice. 

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