Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Mom

My mom passed away on Dec. 25th Christmas morning, and for me those days became a blur of emotions. I was very close to my mom and although most of my life I tried being different than her in the end I am very similar to my mom. For 50 of the last 54 years of my life I have lived within 5 miles of my mom. This was never intentional, its just how it was.
Mother's Day is coming up and I know its going to be a tough one, I want to honor my mom for she is where I received my creativity. Here is just a sampling of my mom's work. You will notice a variety of zig zag afghans, those she made for her grand children and great grand children. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures of my Mom's Stitches. She was an amazing woman and she is missed. (XOXO luv u mom)

Each of these items were given as gifts to my moms family and friends. Each of these gifts will be treasured for a long time. Because when you receive a gift that is handmade it will almost always be treasured far longer than a blanket you buy in a store or a stuffed animal stuffed in a bin at the local store. Not everyone can create such lovely items and for those that can't create you can search out truly unique items handmade by a variety of artisans in this country. You can go to a online venue that sells wonderful handmade items. I sell my handmade items at Kathisewnsew's Boutique on Artfire, my mom was proud of this and she was one of my biggest supporter. My mom never sold her beautiful creations, she always said with all the grandchildren and great grandchildren she had no time to make even more to sell.  She loved giving them to people that she knew would love and appreciate them.  The best gift my mom ever gave me was her creativity.  The above items are just a small amount of beautiful things she made throughout her life. 
Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on.

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